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Hummers Sports CafeHummers Sports Cafe
About Hummers

The Tale of Hummers

Hummers was founded in 1983 by Amarillo native Ted Sanders who is still the "Chief Bottle Washer" today. Opening in a Panhandle blizzard, Hummers was off to a very modest beginning, but fortunately we've been "Flippin' Burgers and Slingin' Beer" ever since. Thanks to our wonderful staff and loyal customers, Hummers has evolved over the years into something of an Amarillo landmark and a home for Used-To-Be's, Will Be's, and Wannabe's. We are an institution of sorts is what our customers tell us.

Hummers is intended to be a fun place to meet friends, make friends and all the other stuff you'd expect from a kid who grew up in Amarillo, daydreaming of playing shortstop for the Yankees, having a date with Marilyn Monroe, and would have loved to see Babe Ruth hit a home run and then had a few beers with him after the game, and wishes Buddy Holly was still alive and making music.

We take great pride in the fresh, made-from-scratch products throughout our menu. Our burgers are fresh, never frozen. French Fries are hand-cut. Onion rings and zucchini are hand-cut and breaded to order. Chicken-fried steaks and chicken stripes are breaded to order. Ribeye's and steak bites are aged and cut to order. You get the point. FRESH!

Join our Beer Club, drink each of our 51 beers (no, not in one day!) and become a member of Hummers Hall of Foam. You will get some t-shirts and prizes along the way, and also your name on the wall when you finish. We've got lots and lots of beers. Lagers. Ales. Bocks. Pale Ales. IPA's. Pilsners. Porters. Stouts. Wheat's. Seasonals. Gluten-free's. And remember, we always have "Free Beer Tomorrow." We also have fresh Margaritas and lots of crafty specialty drinks.

So please come and see us and enjoy our fresh food, nostalgic decor, cool music, ice-cold beer, and red-hot service. And remember: Eat lots and leave big tips. Cheers!